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בית יד לבנים1The Yad-La'Banim House is a commemoration and memorial site, honouring Ramat Ha'Sharon's men and women who had perished in the line of duty. A special memorial hall, dedicated to those who had fallen, can be found onsite. Yad-La'Banim holds an assortment of commemoration and heritage-themed activities, memorial nights, and various special events for the surviving families.

That said, beyond the Eternal Flame of memory which burns there, the Yad-La'Banim House honours and remembers those who have been lost in the most wonderful way possible – by being a house that is full of life.

This house acts as a home to our central library, in addition to being a vibrant location for a great many cultural activities all year round, whether inside the venue or at the large courtyard, outside. It is, effectively, Ramat Ha'Sharon's largest "Culture House."

Both the auditorium and the multifunctional hall play host to a variety of plays, concerts, gigs, symposiums, lectures, sing-along nights, local events, literary nights, etc., all year round.

We are delighted to announce that this year; the city of Ramat Ha'Sharon has embarked upon a large-scale project which will see the entire Yad-La'Banim House compound undergo a massive refurbishment.

Following a lengthy period of renovations, the House was reopened and resumed operations on 1 November, 2012, under an upgraded capacity, complete with a larger auditorium, capable of seating 340 people and a spacious lobby which will also be used as an art gallery where various, temporary exhibitions are to be showcased. The Yad La'Banim House which, at the end of the day, is, a commemorative endeavour, embodies within its brand new internal design, the very essence of Israeli experience where memory and life are intertwined. A central sculptural element connects the lively lobby area and the House's memorial floor, where the Eternal Flame burns, and back to the entrance floor where a computer class is situated for the benefit of younger and older students alike, who are keen on mastering the ins and outs of modern technology.