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slaimmThe rock garden is the impressive, large garden which surrounds the Yad La'Banim House and is also adjacent to the Geological Museum. The inception of the Rock Garden project dates back to 1985, when it was helmed by the-then Head of Council, Mr. Moshe Verbin, who had begun to collect multiple types of rocks that are indigenous to Israel, so as to showcase the many geological layers that correlate to different periods in the Earth's history. Construction of the garden was completed at the time Ephraim (aka P

ichutka) Heiram served as Head of Council. Heiram was the one who had decided that the many rocks that hitherto, had all been piled up randomly, be sorted and put into order.

The garden was designed by architect, Gideon Sarig. The project's geological consultant was Dr. Akivah Pleckser, who in time, went on to become a city councilman.

The garden's large and formidable rocks do indeed showcase various periods of Israeli geology, and stand as silent testimony to the country's wide variety of rocks.

The Rock Garden is open to visitors at all hours of the day.

 The Geological Museum is known to hold activities in the Garden as part of its guided tours (to be booked in advance.) Additionally, information sheets about the garden's rocks are also available at the museum during opening hours.