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migdal maym

Ramat Ha'Sharon's historical water tower is situated on BaMa'aleh Lane, right next to Rothberg High School. The tower is essentially large pool which stores of all the water that is pumped from a well at the bottom of the tower. From there, a large network of plumbing and piping supplies various local neighbourhoods with water. The water tower was originally built in 1930. Then, in 1999, it was put out of commission, as far as water-supplying for the city was concerned. Nevertheless, to this day, it continues to act as Ramat Ha'Sharon's symbol and is even prominently featured as the city's official logo on all of its municipal documents and paperwork. The Ramat Ha'Sharon Sports Association has even gone as far as to incorporate the tower into its own crest. Over the last few years, the city has taken to lighting the tower up at night, using unique fluorescent lighting, thus making it visible even at a distance.