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One of the most unique elements that are part of the Ramat Hasharon Municipality is its golden-age administrative division, whose focus lies solely on initiating, developing and running a multitude of services, spanning a wide array of areas, for the benefit of the city's own senior citizens. The division which came into being immediately after Mayor Itzik Rochberger began his first term in office, was founded out of an understanding the city had come to, that the elderly do have additional needs which at times, differ to the rest of population's, and should therefore have a designated address they could turn to, where those very needs would all be met accordingly.

A great many of the activities geared for the senior citizens are carried out in association with the E.L.A (The Association for the Elderly) and Beitenu ("Our Home") societies, to name but a few, which offer a diverse variety of services for the retired.

Additionally, the division also spearheads the Adult Day Care Centre which provides a range of supportive environments and services for both the elderly and their families. These services range from counselling centres to a National Insurance consult station that is run and operated by volunteers and also, multiple projects focussing on health promotion and disease prevention.

As an extension of the city's policy which considers its elderly, an integral part of the community and aims to maintain their active involvement within it, the division has been working towards strengthening the ties with this demographic through a number of means such as informative booklets outlining their rights, but also by publishing Dorot (Generations); a magazine that is tailored especially for an elderly readership and whose staff and editorial desk are made up of retired men and women.

Cross-generational ties have become one of the key contributors to the city's relationship with its senior citizens. Cultivated by the Golden Age Administrative Division in association with the AMAN organisation of urban youth volunteers that is part of the city's Municipal Educational Wing, these ties have gone on to materialise into truly magnificent projects. From cross-generational dance, where the female residents of rent-controlled housing dance with Alon High School's Year 10 dance department girls, to integrating retired residents in high school lessons with their teenage "peers", performing in cross-generational theatre where teenagers and senior citizens put on a variety of shows together, and many other engaging activities.


Other cross-generational activities carried out by the division include ones of paramount documentary value, such us the documenting of combat heritage and the stories of those who had fought in in 1948's Independence War, which is done in association with the Tzevet (Team) organisation and school children; the documenting of testimonials by Ramat Hasharon's local Holocaust survivors, etc.