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The pedagogic enterprise of Ramat Hasharon’s education system is based on the State ban_01CEducation Law’s primary objective, which is to educate an individual to be kind to others. All other objectives such as instilling values, applying students’ abilities to the fullest and encouraging motivation are derived therefrom. Development and nurturing of all students is achieved through an attentive organization that adapts itself to rapid social and technological changes and sets ever increasing standards for itself, in view of attaining great successes on both local and national levels.

The municipal education system comprises 7,000 students, meaning, on average, in every second home in the city, there is one child in the education system. This fact, and the fact that education is top priority among municipal officials, account for the great investment in the education system, which receives the largest share of the municipal budget.

Promoting educational objectives is achieved by mutual cooperation with all factors involved, including parents. Ramat Hasharon’s education system offers a wide range of solutions to its students, in various groups, programs and unique activities such as:

» Diverse kindergarten models: Extended learning day, combined kindergarten and grade one, kindergarten cluster.

» Wide range of solutions for students with special education needs: Integration in standard institutions, communication skills kindergarten, language kindergarten, classes for students with learning disabilities in higher education schools.

» Solutions for the promotion of students with learning disabilities: “Rakefet” municipal treatment center, unit for treatment with animals at the municipal research garden, empowerment and support centers at the higher education schools.

» Promoting Excellence: First program of its kind in Israel for children of compulsory kindergarten age, for the promotion of talented students, in the morning hours and a program for gifted children in elementary school and junior high.

» Increase youth involvement in the community: Allocation of an additional educational hour in junior high schools, creation of a municipal framework for youth volunteering in the community, activities designed for encouraging youth leadership, youth delegation exchange.

» Progress and technology: Special scientific labs and advanced computer labs in all schools, creation of a municipal educational portal and educational radio station.

» Enrichment: Exposing students to activities in municipal institutions and facilities such as concerts by the municipal conservatory of music, information center for preschoolers, geological museum, Rishonim house, public libraries, road safety lot.

» Unique municipal programs: “The city dances” – all 5th grade students participate in folk dances and ballroom dances, “My community” – 4th grade students in joint program with Rishonim House, “Proper nutrition” – in compulsory nursery schools, “Gender studies” for 10th grade students, online activities in elementary schools, math Olympics in elementary schools, “Education week” in the municipal system, community graduation ceremony for 6th grade students, co-existence programs, inter-generation ties, young entrepreneurs, youth national security college for high school students and more.

» Increase of teaching hours, teaching positions and job openings: Increase in teaching hours at a sum of one million new Israeli shekels, addition of psychologist positions, individual assistants for students, security guards, social coaches to prevent drop out. Variety of unique study programs in high schools and possibility to enhance matriculation grades.

» Decreasing the number of students in a class: Average of 28 students in elementary school, 32 in junior high school.


Ramat Hasharon’s largest educational enterprise is bearing fruit. Students’ achievements on the various age levels, which are gauged and examined with national tools, place the municipal education system at the top of district and national accomplishments. Achievements in scholastics, sports, volunteer work, breakthroughs and initiatives are a direct result of professional work with education staffs in both institutional and municipal systems.

Over the last decade, two schools won the prestigious education award, which is granted by Israel’s President. Sports teams of the schools won State cup several times, and young athletes exceeded personal records.

Furthermore, principals of municipal education systems won education awards for the district of Tel Aviv to which they belong. Ramat Hasharon’s schools won awards with honorable mention and citations from government offices and other national institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Joint Israel and World Joint, national film festival, Yad Vashem and more.