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F0_0244_0000_infomation-sessions-bigFor over 20 years, the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Ramat Hasharon has been a home to young, talented musicians from all over the world who search for personal creative expression in contemporary music.  We started with 35 students and 10 teachers.  Today, over 400 students and 70 faculty members fill our classrooms and rehearsal halls.
Whether a student studies music technology, education or performance, our comprehensive program of seven majors and over 160 courses is specifically designed for graduates to enter the music world . Our commitment to excellence in music education has made Rimon the best music school in Israel.  Hundreds of  graduates have become central figures in the music industry; succeeding in careers as singers, instrumentalists, composers, songwriters, music producers,  arrangers and sound engineers.  Among our alumni are Noa, Eti Ankri, Aviv Gefen, Miri Mesika, Eran Tzur, Mika Karni, Ronit Shahar, Dana Berger, Mira Awasd, and Daniel Salomon.
Internationally, Rimon has strong  formal academic ties with the Berklee College of Music, long considered the best contemporary music school in the world.  Through a special student exchange program, Rimon students can transfer credits and graduate with a  Berklee degree. We also participate in major music school forums and associations across the globe to make sure our students are at the cutting edge of  contemporary music culture. Through workshops and master classes, our students are exposed to such International jazz giants as Chick Corea, Pat Metheney, Herbie Hancock and Israeli stars David Broza, Gidi Gov and many others who conduct workshops and master classes.,.
Locally, Rimon develops academic programs with the Academy of music and Dance in Jerusalem.  We have participated in  exciting joint projects with such leading music festivals as The Red Sea Jazz  Festival, the Jazz Festival in Tel Aviv, and joint performances with the prestigious Israel Philharmonic as well as countless programs for Israeli television.
Our school mirrors the cultural melting pot of Israel by becoming the home to many young, new immigrants that make aliyah and choose to study with us. We’ve welcomed students from South America, the former Soviet Union, Europe, Ethiopia and the United States.  Their presence has inspired new and diverse curriculum changes and they have had a tremendous impact on our cross-cultural consciousness, so important to teaching music in our ever-shrinking global music community.
In addition, Rimon reaches out beyond our campus by going on the road with the Rimon-on-the-Road program, where teachers and students travel to small Israeli communities and conduct workshops and master classes.


Ramat Hasharon has provided  a supportive home for Rimon. Close ties with  Mayor Itzak Rochberger enable the school to continue to expand and improve our facilities. We have a strong and productive working relationship with the local community, the Ramat Hasharon Music Conservatory and the Alon High School Music program.  Also, Rimon regularly participates in a large variety of  local community activities and events.
Making a dream come true takes hard work, commitment and the generosity of our many friends and donors throughout the years. We couldn’t have come this far without the continuing support of the Ramat Hasharon municipality, our committee members, the Israeli government, private and corporate donors. Along with our students and staff, it is they who have helped make Rimon the most exciting  place to learn and listen to contemporary music in Israel.