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Sports in Ramat Hasharon is an essential and integral part of the residents’ cultural and
leisure life. Therefore, the municipality devotes vast resources and knowledge to support and promote the city’s sports events and sports facilities.

The sports activities have been managed for years by the Sports Association, a registered non-profit society established 3 decades ago and managed by an elected public committee. The Association initiates and operates all the city’s sports activities, both amateur and professional, and is allocated funds from the municipality and other public institutions, as well as membership fees.

The Sports Association is an autonomous institution; non-dependant on national sports centers. The Association operates according to municipal sports policies.

As such, in terms of sports, the Association represents Ramat Hasharon vis a vis Israel’s sports institutions: government, sports organizations and unions, the Israeli Olympics committee, various sports centers, the council for gambling regulation (Toto), sports associations and so forth.

In Ramat Hasharon in general and sports associations in particular, athletes have emerged who have achieved fine accomplishments. Our athletes won national tournaments in men and women’s basketball, athletics, soccer, badminton, handball, volleyball, school championships and various international achievements.

Many Ramat Hasharon athletes represented Israel in the various international championships and Olympic games and were awarded grants and assistance from the municipality, via the Sports Association.

In recent years, virtually 3000 adults and youth, from toddlers to senior citizens, boys and girls, have taken part annually in many sports activities. The activities take place in the schools in the framework of physical education classes, in representative professional groups and amateur sports events.

In addition, thousands of athletes participate in events, both in Ramat Hasharon and nationwide. The prominent enterprises include “The Spring Race”, the Gal Levinson duathlon (combined competition of running and bicycle riding, the race of which is also part of the Israeli championships in this event), the “Eyal Race” in memory of Eyal Shmueli, which is also an Israeli championship event in 15km road racing, “March for the Boys” in memory of the Ramat Hasharon soldiers who were killed in Israel’s wars.

Ramat Hasharon’s professional groups are active in the framework of independent associations whose budgets stem from several sources, including municipal support.  This support includes making available local sports facilities.

Several professional groups are active in Ramat Hasharon, in various leagues and events:

  • Electra Ramat Hasharon – Women’s top league basketball. Ramat Hasharon’s flagship team and since 1999  won 4 times the national championship, 5 national cups awards. This team is the only women team who represented Israel for 15 years in a row and had great success in European cups.
  • A.S. Ramat Hasharon – Top league Handball
  • Ironi Ramat Hasharon Top league (1st  devision) soccer
  • A.S. Ramat Hasharon – Top league volleyball

In addition, secondary top teams are active in the various leagues.